Pointless: To experience, dont seek a point

2 min readOct 9, 2023


In the journey of life, as we navigate an ocean of experiences, we often find ourselves seeking a point, a purpose in everything we do. We yearn for a reason, an end goal, or a meaningful outcome. We believe that if we can grasp the purpose, we can derive the true essence of our experiences. But what if, in this relentless pursuit of purpose, we are missing the very essence of living?

Does the search for a point, miss the whole point?

In exploring the concept of pointlessness, I stumbled upon a profound realization: the more we strive to find a point, the more we distance ourselves from genuine experiences. Life’s most enriching experiences are born in the realm of pointlessness. When we engage in an activity without fixating on a predetermined point or outcome, we allow ourselves to truly experience and immerse in the moment.

The dichotomy between having a point and experiencing life fully becomes apparent when we take a step back to analyze our actions. Actions guided by a point are often constrained, governed by expectations and preconceived notions. On the other hand, actions devoid of a point are liberating; they give us the freedom to embrace the experience.

To truly savor an experience, we must liberate ourselves from the constraints of having a point. Be it relishing a sumptuous meal, exploring a new relationship, or embarking on a travel adventure, the essence lies in abandoning the fixation on an outcome. The essence lies in experiencing without expectations.

Central to this philosophy is the idea of paying attention. To fully appreciate an experience, we must transcend the focal point and immerse ourselves in the periphery, where the nuances and subtleties of the moment reside. It’s in these peripheral details that memories find their solidity, anchored by subtle cues that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Practicing this art of paying attention involves learning and documenting the process. We must consciously train ourselves to focus on the present, without the shackles of an end goal. By documenting our journey and making a commitment to be mindful, we reinforce our dedication to experiencing without constraints.

In conclusion, the beauty of life lies in embracing the pointlessness of our experiences. To truly live, we must learn to let go of the need for a point or purpose and instead, embrace the beauty of the moment. As you navigate your path, remember, life’s true treasures are often found when you relinquish the search for a point and simply allow yourself to experience. So, dear reader, some times you must let go of the ‘point,’ in order to truly experience the magic called life.