2 min readAug 21, 2023

“Put on the gloves, catch the ball. Cut the noise, hear the call. Wake up, shake up, it’s playtime. From nine to six and six to nine.”

Why did I make this?

Life will throw pitches, and sometimes you’ll be hit hard. At times, you’ll soar high, while at other moments, you’ll land flat. Sometimes you’ll bounce, other times, you’ll be hit outside the park. Not playing is not an option, that the hard reality. Sure, you might get lucky, and the batter might miss, but always be prepared and eager to face the next swing.

What are we if not a ball? Cant we just watch the game and not participate? Whether we realize it or not, the game revolves around us, the ball. Our experience of the game makes is the only reality. The game is what we make of it.

You can celebrate being hit out of the park or lament why it had to be you. Yet, nothing will be achieved unless you’re willing to face the swing. Your perspective is your destiny.

What is the message?

Opting out of the game isn’t a choice; if you’re alive, you’re playing. There’s no sitting out on this one. Your perception of the game crafts your narrative. Thus, it’s crucial to be present and embrace the outcomes. And if fear grips you, remember that no matter how forcefully you’re hit, there are gloves ready to catch you. These gloves, soft and secure, ensure that even if you’re knocked around, someone’s there to catch you, lift you up, and prepare you for another round.

How can someone adopt this?

While the game’s end remains uncertain, we must actively participate when given the chance. Too many individuals lead their lives feeling like mere pawns, lamenting life’s challenges. Nevertheless, we must acknowledge that life will pose challenges for everyone. Our reaction to these challenges sets us apart.

Realizing that there are “gloves” ready to support us provides comfort. For those hesitant about life, become their “glove”; reassure them that you’ll be there to catch them, no matter where they find themselves. Often, a little confidence is all it takes for individuals to not only stay in the game but to genuinely appreciate and engage with the unfolding events.