Oh Croissant!

2 min readAug 21, 2023

“Smile even when they taunt, For you are soft like a croissant. Fluffy is what you’re meant to be, Soaked in sweetness, your soul is free.”

Why did I make this?

It’s not a cookie, nor a cake; it’s a croissant.

Sometimes, mere sweetness isn’t enough; we need distinction. Not for others, but for ourselves. As humans, we possess the gift of imagination, enabling us to transcend the expected. To perceive and share a different world view. With this privilege comes profound responsibility.

What is the message?

Though we vary in shape, size, demeanor, and flavor, we should embody the croissant’s benign essence. Embrace life’s spectrum, be it coated in chocolate, drenched in butter, filled with cream, or adorned with almonds. Revel in life’s vastness.

However, our distinctiveness should progress both personal and collective growth. Employ our unique abilities to uplift others. Being distinctive in the way you speard love is #buddhm.

How can someone adopt this?

The world can be callous if permitted. It might urge conformity, seeking to wield you for its aims. Accept only if your agency and free will remain intact. Opt to be the defiant croissant, not just a cookie.

Being a croissant surpasses mere self-identification; it entails inspiring others to embrace their individuality. Reassure them that straying from the norm is okay. While their path might harbor uncertainties, those very doubts sprinkle life with magic.

Stay fluffy, remain sweet, champion difference, be the croissant.