Must Make Room

2 min readAug 20, 2023

“No matter where, make some room. Inside your mind, you can zoom. In the jungle, on the tomb, You must rise, like a mushroom.”

Why did I make this?

Mushrooms are among the oldest known organisms. What makes them fascinating is that the mushroom we see is just the fruit; the real mystery lies in the massive network of mycelium to which it’s connected. Without delving too deep, mycelium are interconnected roots linking a colony of mushrooms. Through this mycelium network, mushrooms receive the nutrients they need and also provide what the network requires. Its function is akin to trees and roots. Still, the intriguing aspect is that mycelium networks are interlinked, unlike tree root systems. What’s even more astonishing is that mushrooms can virtually grow anywhere, from deserts to mountains, in garage waste to oil spills, with a simple purpose: to break down what they’re growing on and recycle.

Much like the mushroom and its mycelium network, humans are analogous to mushrooms, and our souls are interconnected through an ethereal energy. While our existence might seem solitary on the surface, the beauty of human experience is that it’s shared and perpetual. It doesn’t conclude when our physical being ceases.

This realization prompts reflection on whether we place undue emphasis on our individual physical existence, objectives, material accomplishments, and milestones. Shouldn’t we, instead, emulate mushrooms, recognizing our existence and circumstances, and simply live?

What is the message?

Blossom like a mushroom, in the most unlikely conditions, harmoniously coexisting with your surroundings. Whether you radiate vibrant colors or embrace a monochromatic palette, adapt as the situation demands. Exude hope by being sweet and edible, yet when necessary, emit caution by being bitter and toxic.

Stay adaptable and gentle, never rigid. Extend your roots extensively, unseen to the unaided eye, yet interconnected with the universe and the origin of all knowledge.

How can someone adopt this?

Don’t use your circumstances as a reason to stagnate. Your mindset is your sole constraint. Inspiration is omnipresent; all it takes is a keen eye to perceive it. Your purpose will find you, and it won’t always present comfort or joy to you or those in your vicinity. At times, it may assume peculiar forms. However, the true essence remains concealed, buried deep within the mycelium network your soul constructs. Let your soul traverse expansively, forge connections, and endure through timeless epochs.