Let it Spin

2 min readAug 21, 2023

“Music ain’t stopping, just getting started. Play those records, bring back the party. Ain’t getting older, just a lil’ dizzy. World’s been spinning, bring out the fizzy.”

Why did I make this?

At times, life demands we pause, reflect, and appreciate our journey. From good old vinyl records to cassettes, CDs, ipods to now music on demand; music too has become a race. Just plug in the headphones, and it’s instantly accessible to make you forget all your miseries, loneliness and heart-breaks. Its an endless stream of escapism available anytime, anywhere.

We are entering a world where music is generated dynamically with AI, tailored to our preferences, precisely aligning with our desires. Or, conversely, our preferences could be so molded that even our music choices might not truly be ours, yet we’d be under the illusion of autonomy. This really makes us think, do we really have any control, or are we just spinning?

What is the message?

Not all spinning is bad.

Vinyl records symbolize the cherished past, urging us to momentarily slow down and reminisce our origins. They advocate for the appreciation of simplicity, emphasizing that while it’s easy to relentlessly forge ahead, it’s essential to periodically reflect on our past, recognizing our authentic selves and how we got here.

Taking a momentary respite isn’t indicative of frailty. It provides clarity, enriching our forward journey. Merely rushing forward blinds us to life’s intricacies, and we risk losing sight of our genuine intentions and destinations.

How can someone adopt this?

As the world surges forward, in perpetual combat with time, striving for a supposedly brighter future, the race seems interminable. Even as we rectify existing challenges, new ones emerge. However, amidst this relentless pursuit, there’s a need for individuals akin to vinyl records. Individuals who’d remind us of the enchantment embedded in slowing down and evoking fond memories.

While perfection remains elusive across past, present, and future, humanity’s current trajectory is obsessively forward-focused. We are incessantly chasing the ‘next big thing’, erroneously presuming our future acquisitions to be paramount. This skewed perspective arises since we seldom juxtapose our future aspirations against our cherished past. Hence, there’s a pressing need for entities that ground us to our rich heritage, like vinyl records and traditional storytellers. Without a link to our past, our future remains directionless.

As we march towards a world powered by AI and robots, its the shared human memories, that would remind us of who we are and where we have been. So just #letitspin