Goof Ball

2 min readAug 21, 2023

“Ball maybe small, big is the aim. Take your swing, play the game. Go the distance, reach the hole. Let the winds play its role.”

Why did I make this?

To novice eyes, golf appears simple: hit a ball, get it in the holes. But more lies beneath the surface. Achieving the task requires finesse and skill.

Often, when thinking of a great golfer, one envisions the wind, the swing, the strength. But what about the ball? It’s the small component in this vast game. The hard white sphere travels the greens, aiming for a marked hole. Its journey might not seem enviable, yet it’s essential to the game.

No ball, no game.

What is the message?

One doesn’t always need to be in the limelight to have importance. The ball exemplifies the unsung hero, facilitating accomplishments.

The golfer might feel in control, but the ball endures nature’s whims. It dances with the wind, navigates the turf, and sometimes faces obstacles, only to hope that it finds the tiny hole.

How can someone adopt this?

While it’s rewarding to be the golfer taking the shot, there’s a unique fulfilment in being the ball. It isn’t the ball that’s celebrated, but the golfer. However, the ball’s role is pivotal.

Embody the spirit of the ball. It takes the hit, goes the distance and exists to help someone achieve their goal. Similarly, ones purpuse could be to encourage others, highlight their achievements, and guide them towards their goals. This selflessness requires one to showcase patience, avoid grievances, and lend a hand when possible. In doing so, one might find their own happiness and enable others to realize their dreams.