Blow a Bubble

2 min readAug 21, 2023

“Blow it up, let it fill. Life is short, go and chill. Share your love, not your bill. Only your ego, you must kill.”

Why did I make this?

Every child has played with a bubble maker, cherishing the simple yet magical act of watching soap water turn into a transparent bubble. The goal was to make those bubbles bigger and bigger, and then watch it get popped. Ah, good old childhood memories.

No matter our age, our eyes should be filled with amazement and our hearts with love. Finding such moments where our mind is free to just be is #buddhm.

What is the message?

To unearth inner happiness or peace of mind, we must rediscover the child within us. If we let our ego inflate like a bubble, enjoy seeing it get popped like a tiny prick.

Whether we blow our life into one large bubble or myriad tiny ones, its imperative to let it pop. Doing so reveals the ephemeral nature of our ego, and how swiftly it will vanish, leaving us one with everything that surounds us. No I, me, mine.

Dispelling the ego is akin to shedding a weighty burden. It frees us, allowing pursuit of genuine happiness and facilitating a reconnection with our soul and the cosmos.

How can someone adopt this?

Each individual should aim to expel and shatter their ego. While the process seems straightforward, initiating it can be challenging. Entangled in our self-centric persona, we often require an external nudge to rediscover our inner child. We need an agent, like the soap water, to encapsulate our ego and exhibit its transitory nature. This helps us understand we can exhale our self-induced stresses, seeing them as detached from our core essence, then dispel them with a mere touch, reducing them to nothing.

The gesture of aiding someone in locating their inner child epitomizes #buddhm.