Beat up a Storm

2 min readAug 21, 2023

“Stir up the still, calm down the storm. Show love to the broken, heat up the warm. Beat up your mind, don’t let it stall. Time to wake your soul, pay heed to the call.”

Why did I make this?

Not every forceful motion needs to be frightening, intense, noisy, or destructive. An egg beater fulfils its purpose by melding an egg white and yolk into a frothy mixture, resulting in a fluffy omelette. It’s seems simple, but effective in serving its purpose.

Life’s purpose doesn’t need to be intricate to hold significance. Like the egg beater, it can create wonders one step at a time, without undue complexity or theatrics.

What is the message?

Being calm, reflective, tranquil, and centered doesn’t equate to being impassive or losing life’s vigor. To some over-excited bunch it might seem purposeless and wasteful. Yet, its from the truth. Purpose does not have to be complicated.

Our physical existence is a privilege, a treasure waiting to be unearthed and embraced with enthusiasm. We ought to immerse ourselves in the world’s splendors: marvel at the peacock’s hues, savor the zest of a mango, listen to the melodies of songbirds, breathe in the aroma of morning coffee, and feel the tenderness of a kiss. And, to appreciate like for what it offers is a big purpose. Yet, many succumb to the overbearing weight of despair, ensnared in a spiral of desolation. Their vision becomes clouded, rendering them oblivious to life’s enchantment surrounding them. Their search for purpose becomes their curse.

They require an influence, akin to an egg beater, to invigorate their spirits. A catalyst to rejuvenate their perspective and infuse their essence with life’s vibrancy. This awakening is #buddhm.

How can someone adopt this?

One doesn’t need grand gestures, such as gifting diamonds, serving delicacies, indulging in exquisite beverages, or visiting romantic cities, to enliven someone. Often, mere words or modest deeds can profoundly impact and rekindle someone’s spirit. Embody the essence of an egg beater, energizing those around you, making them feel truly alive. Don’t postpone or await monumental opportunities; significant transformations frequently stem from humble beginnings.