Anchor Down

2 min readAug 20, 2023

“Sail away from the shore, Explore life as never before. Anchor your soul to the core, Go deeper and unravel more.”

Why did I make this?

It’s liberating to fly, to have no chains holding us down. But to truly enjoy the fruits of life, we need a sense of being held together.

Often, people break down, lost in the cacophony of the crowd. They become depressed and lose their sense of being. To have someone be an anchor for their ship instills the faith that they are in control. Whether they need to take a break or weather a storm, they have an anchor they can rely on.

What is the message?

An anchor is a symbol of faith, a sign of strength and control. It’s not contradictory to symbols of freedom; rather, it’s an essential tool to understand that we can fly without fear, being in control when needed.

There will be ups and downs; there will be calm and chaos. But to go on in life, we need the belief that we are in control of our direction and destiny. This belief is #buddhm.

How can someone adopt this?

While everyone might want to be their own anchor, as humans, we depend on each other. Every person in our life plays a role, and their presence can either help or hinder us.

For those around you, be an anchor. Let them take chances, spread their wings, unfurl the sails of their boat, knowing that someone is there to catch them if they fall. Someone is there to back them when they’re in danger. Someone is there to anchor them when they need to pause.